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If you are fan of world music, here is one invitation for you…

14. - 15.12., pre-solstice, Christmas concert, featuring australian didgeridoo, gongs & various musical friends.

Czech professional didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal is warmly inviting you on his all-year-favorite show.

Once again we are looking forward to this gathering in the centre of Prague but this time in a new location, that being the historical hall of Novomestska radnice. This year´s event will feature a number of surprises, photo exhibition, 2 separate concerts, each featuring different guest musicians.  

Also, there will be a didgeridoo market on the eve of Sundays concert, where Czech didgeridoo makers will be showcasing their instruments giving you the opportunity to learn more about their craftsmanship and perhaps inspiring you to walk away with a Christmas present.  

Info about reservation and presale - lenkahellerova@seznam.cz 



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