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The exhibition of an intermedial artist Rozálie Prokopcová / Girl from the North Country.

Gallery in the Tower, New Town Hall

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm (lunch break from 12 to 1 pm)

Admission: Full CZK 60, concession and groups CZK 40, families CZK 130

(there will be a 30-minute-long lunch break from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m.)


The material that the visual artist Rozálie Prokopcová used extensively in her objects, slate,
referred both to her homeland in the North Bohemia and also to grounding, rooting and being
present in the countryside.

After a period of object-oriented work, Rozálie is now returning to painting. She has brightened up her palette and the diluted colors make her paintings almost immaterial. She respects the canvas structure and lets it show through and breathe along with the paint that is either applied by brush or sprayed, which immensely helps her work achieve airiness.

What links all her dreamy paintings portraying the northern landscape are ambiguous organisms, their particular parts that linger in Rozálie's memories from her short nature expeditions with her small son. Together, they happen to find incredibly shaped objects, and try to guess what they belonged to, conjuring mythical monsters and creatures up in their minds. Their various meanings reveal the complexity of nature systems. The painting titled "Prayer for Rain" confronts the contemporary duality of man and nature. It is about the time of transformation and regeneration. Decay brings de-escalation – the reassurance that nature will be taking all parts and shapes back. With her abstract treatment of nature motifs, Rozálie pays homage to the countryside and remains faithful to its essence.



More informations: https://www.instagram.com/rozaliec/ 


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