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The adventurous escape game TAJEMSTVÍ ČÍSAŘE aka The Secret of the Emperor is opened at the New Town Hall from July 4, 2016, which will take players to the 14th century. The game in the historic basement areas of the New Town Hall is organized by The Chamber - the largest and most popular first-time player of the so-called Escape Games.
THE SECRETS OF THE EMPEROR is a technologically advanced game, in which we cooperated with a leading Czech specialist for the time of Charles. The story is based on the latest findings from the life of Charles and the game environment created entirely on demand by carpenters specializing in medieval interiors. So you are waiting for a perfectly authentic atmosphere, backed by a unique period space, thoughtful and original puzzles and a strong story.

One of the last untouched spaces from the 14th century in Prague is now opening to escape game players! Are you ready to dive into the depths of the 14th century?
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri from 11am to 9,30 pm
Sa 9,15 am - 9,30 pm

The game is for 2-6 people.

1090 - 1890 CZK
Access from Vodičkova Street through the passage and arc at the right into the basement area "Wine bars".
The game is open for long-term appeal.
Booking required in advance at:

The booking can be made at least one hour in advance and at the phone number
+420 777 779 005.
More information:
http://thechamber.cz/en, https://www.facebook.com/thechamberprague/



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